The reliable communication of a wide variety of components is absolutely essential in radio and TV studios. This includes everything from mixing consoles to radio automation systems, codecs, telephone hybrids, as well as voice and sound processors and many more.

In addition, most of these devices and systems come from different manufacturers.

Each of them has its own “language”. Operation and control vary from device to device, creating an obstacle for any user, whether DJ or technician, that impedes the workflow unnecessarily. Moreover, separate, device-specific software must commonly be used for each application. This increases the number of monitors required in the on-air studio far beyond tolerable limits.

The SLG-SysToolbox puts an end to that! With a mixing console, a software interface (i.e. Lawo VisTool, VSM) or other central control panels (i.e. iPhone) serving as frontend, peripheral software applications are centralized and presented on a user friendly interface.

In a nutshell

SLG Broadcast AG distributes and integrates systems for radio and TV applications.

As a non-independent system supplier, we integrate only systems of which we are the experts - and do not depend on the knowhow of a manufacturer.


German Broadcast Archive

The German Broadcast Archive in Potsdam is building the third and last studio of their copy rooms with SLG Broadcast and LAWO. Lawo is delivering a 12 Fader sapphire console and a central module. SLG Broadcast is integrating...


New radio studios at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Centerpiece of the new installation are two 12 fader Lawo crystal consoles. One for the main studio, the other for a backup studio.