Since 1956, Ecreso manufactures MW and FM transmitters. Bearing a stamp for extremely reliable technology and a competitive price-performance ratio, Ecreso has become a name of international renown – a name that stands for quality products. The extensive product portfolio offers solutions for the distribution vectors FM, DAB/DAB+, and T-DMB.

The company had its last major break-through with the innovative NextFM. Having quickly gained popularity, it is now used at renowned Regulatory Authorities as reference transmitter.

The NextFM platform is an extremely compact FM – “All in One” solution, including a sound processor with hub and MPX power limiter, as well as RDS encoder and stereo generator with audio backup solutions through integrated silence detectors or local emergency player that can play entire playlists.

Moreover, this top notch device comes with an integrated FM exciter with up to 100W and redundant power supply with a supercap to shield it from voltage fluctuations and spikes (mini USV). Additional devices or signalling in buildings can be recognized and integrated into the local script software through external GPIO contacts.

The Skripteasy software can execute internal interactions into the device and can send notifications to WorldCast’s management software Masterview or other NMS systems.  A comprehensive telecontrol function via IP, ISDN, UMTS, or even GPRS or POTS for substantial distances completes the picture.

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