The experts at Audemat have a great pool of experience in terms of transmission, service, and quality monitoring as well as alarm functions. Whether the problem at hand concerns private FM/DAB+ radio stations or anything up to the distribution of terrestrial TV signals and additional services via SFN DVB-T, Audemat ensures that the high-cost content from productions arrives at the customer while retaining the desired quality.

Should problems occur somewhere in the supply chain, these tools will notify you right away. The monitoring is hereby not limited to technical parameters. Even the incoming signals from the studio are extracted and analyzed according to your requirements. Should anything not match up, the system will notify you as well.

Innovative measurement devices for mobile campaigns make up another substantial part of Audemat’s product range. Those serve, for example, to rate your supply area or, for the regulatory authorities, as reference devices to ensure the compliance with distribution parameters.

Regardless of the technology used (FM, DAB/DAB+/DMB, or DVB-T/H), these devices capture the technical parameters through the ether and record both received technical measurements and the content. These are then put in relation to the GPS coordinates. To analyze the measurements, the created data can be exported into Google Earth, from where the audio/video content as well as the measurements themselves can be accessed everywhere on the map with a mouse click.

In addition, Audemat produces tried RDS encoders, sound processors (based on the innovative Sound4 cards) and laboratory measurement equipment.

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In a nutshell

SLG Broadcast AG distributes and integrates systems for radio and TV applications.

As a non-independent system supplier, we integrate only systems of which we are the experts - and do not depend on the knowhow of a manufacturer.