APT is a legendary, Irish manufacturer of audio and video codecs via IP, T1, E1, ISDN and leased lines. Designed primarily for fixed connections between broadcast location and studio/studio to broadcast sites, APT’s comprehensive portfolio of audio codecs excels with scalability and sturdiness.

Thanks to its modular built, the multichannel audio/ video multiplexer platform Oslo can transport 24 mono or 12 stereo high quality audio paths per T1, E1, or IP connection. The optional video module transfers up to 8 audio channels and additional data embedded into the video data stream in “low delay” (almost real time) via ISO/IEC 15444-1.3 standard (motion JPEG 2000).

Aside from the flagship Oslo, there is a solution that fits every budget:

  • Horizon IP audio codec
  • Astral multi algorithm IP, ISDN & X.21/V.35 audio codec
  • Equinox multi algorithm IP, X.21/V.35 audio codec
  • Meridian multi algorithm IP & X.21/V.35 audio codec
  • Eclipse multi algorithm IP, ISDN & X.21/V.35 audio codec
  • Rio X.21/V.35 audio codec with optional T1 multiplexer


A comprehensive management software takes on the supervision. It also offers open interfaces to other NMSs and can be seamlessly integrated into an overall system within the range of WorldCast systems.

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