Sound Processing


No matter what distribution vector you wish to use with your content, we offer the right technology that will produce crystal clear sound with your system.

We strictly keep within the boundaries of the regulations set by the regulatory authorities. Moreover, we again improved the FM limiter for deviation and MPX power compared to the pioneering algorithms of the IDT DEP.

SOUND4 cards are completely redundantly designed and feature many safety mechanisms. The power supply is ensured directly from the PC power supply (redundancy depending on hardware) through a 4-pin Molex plug (AT standard) on the card.

All processes on the card are independent of the operating system of the PC, CPU, and PCI bus! As long as the processor card is supplied with energy, sound processing will continue to work independently even if the computer crashes or experiences any other defect.  

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In a nutshell

SLG Broadcast AG distributes and integrates systems for radio and TV applications.

As a non-independent system supplier, we integrate only systems of which we are the experts - and do not depend on the knowhow of a manufacturer.