LUCI is the flagship software product of Netherlands-based development company Technica Del Arte. LUCI Live is an already well-established, award-winning broadcast application that allows reporters to stream high quality live audio to and from the studio. Luci Live offers two-way streaming and is compatible with many different types of professional IP-codecs. It is even capable of playing pre-recorded material while broadcasting live.

All in one solutions

  • Go live on air in studio quality
  • Record, edit and publish audio recordings, wirelessly
  • Currently available on iPhone, iPad, MAC, BlackBerry, PC and Android
  • Webcast publications Add pictures, videos and external files
  • Bring down broadcasting costs
  • Increase the amount of material that makes it to air
  • Increase the number of live reports Realise User Generated Content

LUCI software transforms your iPhone or Smartphone into a  mobile IP-codec, software IP-codec for PC/MAC or high quality mpeg-recorder. Reporters only need one device to go live, record audio, edit, add pictures or videos and send to the studio – wirelessly! On top of that it’s quick and easy to use.

Whether you’re a radio- or web-journalist, LUCI is the perfect way to ensure you’re first with the news, no matter where you are. LUCI software has been developed, tested and improved in close co-operation with world class professional journalists and technicians from radio stations including the BBC, ABC Australia and L1. LUCI was officially launched during IBC 2004. Since then numerous new features and versions were added and will be added henceforth. 

Downloads LUCI

In a nutshell

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