Luci Live with Video!


Technica Del Arte, creator of the award-winning Luci Live broadcast software, will preview the new live video feature that is to become an integral part of the application from the release in December.

With the traditional era of separate radio and TV broadcasting now gone, creating live video for a radio studio has become a new, irreversible trend in broadcast. Similarly, many TV companies are also now adding radio to their stations. The future of international, national and local broadcasting has become more multimedia oriented, with broadcasters discovering they can reach a wider audience through internet and satellite television, video and a range of other mobile audio- and video-related methods.

The addition of video to Luci Live is principally aimed at radio stations, eabling field reporters to add video to live reports and the stations themselves to add video to their broadcast content. Many radio and TV stations now routinely combine both formats. Luci Live with video, offers an entirely software based, mobile solution for live video and audio streaming via a simple user interface, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding market.

Joost Bloemen, Technica Del Arte CEO and founder explains: “ Adding live video was the natural addition to Luci Live, which has become a market leader in mobile live radio contribution. Now the reporter has all that’s needed for a modern day live report in a phone: studio quality audio, as well as live video reporting.”

Luci Live with video for iOS is due for release in December 2013, with other platforms to follow in 2014.

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