The PRODUCER.COM is a multi functional MADI product with outstanding versatility. Equipped with two MADI ports, the device can be integrated into a MADI ring and thus works as an embedder / de-embedder, monitor controller, communications unit, and many more. The PRODUCER.COM can be equipped with an optional RAVENNA module, making the device a versatile I/O and format converter for the audio over IP world.

With the outstanding feature set of the PRODUCER.COM, the whole communication as well as the transmission of the pure audio signals (e.g. between stage and control room) can be realized by using one single MADI cable. There is no more need for extra cabling for red light, talkback etc.. The two integrated connectors for analogue telephones offer a smart way for discrete communication.

The PRODUCER.COM is supplied with different analogue (mic/line input, XLR line outputs, headphones, telephone) and digital interfaces (AES, ADAT). All of them can be routed to one of the MADI outputs or receive one of the MADI input channels. A remote box (PRODUCER.COM REMOTE) allows for configuration of the device via a system menu. This box also provides direct access to functions like talkback, red light control (via GPI/O), monitoring matrix and routing.





The SPLIT.CONVERTER is both a MADI format converter and signal splitter in one device, allowing for the delay-free conversion of optical into coaxial (BNC) MADI signals and vice versa. With the input selection switch, one of the four MADI input ports can be assigned to each MADI output port. Asynchronous MADI streams can be distributed and converted at the same time since all ports are independent from one another.

The device performs latency-free and bit-transparent signal distribution. Supporting all common sampling rates (up to 192 kHz) and MADI formats (48k/96k frame, 56/64 channels), and providing them at the output, allows that the device can convert and distribute also proprietary formats ( e. g. “Digidesign Venue Snake”).

With two phase redundant power supplies on the device’s back, the SPLIT.CONVERTER allows particularly safe operations.

Sample applications:

  • Switching of a converter between two control rooms
  • Redundancy switching (manual) for recordings, sound reinforcements
  • Parallel distribution (splitting) during live operations (FOH, monitoring, recording)


converter coaxial - optical

 Splitter 1-4

Format Converter










Product description

Supporting all source and destination sampling rates between 30 kHz and 50 kHz and their multiples (48k/96k frame, 56/64 channels), the MADI.SRC offers real time sampling rate conversion for a full MADI stream (64 audio channels). Great sound quality is ensured through high-quality processors (THD+N>140 dB, frequency response ripples < 0.025 dB).

In- and outputs are set up both optically (SC multimode) and coaxially (BNC) and operate in parallel. If necessary, the signals can be converted from/to optical/coaxial with the SPLIT.CONVERTER.

Beside the internally generated clock, Wordclock, a sync-signal after AES11, videosync (PAL and NTSC), or the MADI input signal can serve as sync sources.

The unique split mode allows the summing-up of inputs and outputs. Depending on the SRC settings, it is even possible to convert more than 32 (@ 96 kHz) or 16 (@ 192 kHz) channels.

Again, the MADI.SRC’s operating safety is guaranteed through two phase-redundantly designed power supplies and two connector sockets at the back. If used in an equipment room, the MADI.SCR can be remote-controlled through USB devices with a Windows software.

Application examples

With MADI streams processed parallel in real-time, and all channels being phase-locked and sample accurate to each other, the MADI.SRC is at home wherever sample rate conversion is combined with highest demands of sound quality.

Synchronizer: Comprehensive features make the MADI.SRC useful for much more than sample rate conversion. The isolation of the clock from digital systems that do not access the same Wordclock source is just one example. Here, the MADI.SRC can be interposed to isolate the two asynchronous systems without having to sacrifice any sound quality (for more information, please read: Press release "Rock am Ring")

If SRC is disabled, the device operates as a simple format converter. As such, it offers different MADI formats as outputs (48k/96k frame, 56/64 channels), depending on settings.

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