D.OTEC MA2CHBOX is a reference class MADI headphone amp.

Featuring a standard MADI port (coaxial or optical) and two ExpressCard ports for operations with RMEs MADIface, an arbitrary stereo channel pair or a mono channel can be isolated from three MADI streams and monitored via the headphone output. With excellent sound and simple operating principles, the MA2CHBOX ideally complements every MADI setup.

Product Details

The MADI input (main) can be set up as coaxial BNC input or as optical SC port. ExpressCard in- and outputs (EC1 / EC2) are fully compatible with all MADIface ExpressCards from RME.

Headphone volume, channel selection and the setup menu (port selection, operating mode, sampling factor, etc.) can be adjusted through an encoder located on the device’s front.

The device automatically synchronizes itself with an incoming MADI signal and works with all standard sampling rates between 44.1 kHz and 192 kHz. While the sampling rate factor (1FS, 2FS, 4FS) can be selected in the setup, the MA2CHBOX automatically recognizes a 96k frame signal and accordingly changes into the 2FS sampling rate range.

The two operating modes of the MA2CHBOX:

  • Standard Mode: MADI data at the main input is outputted at all outputs (main, EC1, and EC2)
  • EC mode: The input of one EC input is routed to the main output. The data of the main input continues to run through the EC outputs.
  • Headphone routing is independent of the selected operating mode.

An integrated USB port allows to embed and deembed serial data (RS-232) in and out the MADI stream. After deactivating the embedder, the MADI data are processed transparently and given out unaltered at the output.











D.O.TEC® MA2CHBOX.XT is a reference class headphone amplifier for MADI and AES signals with extended functionality. The device provides two standard MADI ports (AES10), an AES port (AES3) and two ExpressCard ports for use with RME MADIface. Any stereo pair or single mono channel out of four MADI streams or the AES input can be monitored at the headphone output and the AES output too. The AES input signal may also be embedded into the MADI stream. The MADI I/Os are designed both as coaxial BNC I/O and optical SC multi-mode transceiver. The encoder knob on the front panel provides direct access to output volume, channel selection and the setup menu.

With its excellent sound quality and the straight forward operating concept, the D.O.TEC® MA2CHBOX.XT becomes a perfect toolbox for line checking, monitoring, signal conversion and redundant recording in MADI setups.

Extended features:

  • two channel monitoring out of 258 channels (4 x MADI or the AES input signal) 
  • deembedding AES from MADI 
  • embedding AES into MADI 
  • signal conversion between optical and coaxial signals 
  • power supply safety class 1 (C13 connector)

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