D.O.TEC® M.1k2 is a MADI routing system with 16 ports, offering a powerful routing matrix for 1024 x 1024 audiochannels. It fills the gap between small routing concepts and large cross bars solutions. A scalable and flexible hardware design meets individual demands. 

Two I/O slots can be equipped with different I/O modules (BNC, SC optical, SFP), e.g. 8 x SC and 8 x BNC. It is possible to start with one module (8 ports) and upgrade to 16 ports later on.


Safe operation

The M.1k2 offers highest reliability through two phase redundant power supplies with inlets and switches on the rear panel. Two MADI ports can be defined as redundant to each other. An automatic changeover is executed click free. The user will be informed by the software interface or a GPO event can be triggered.



The M.1k2 can be clocked by any MADI input, a wordclock signal, a video reference input or it can serve as clock generator. The system clock is supplied at two additional wordclock outputs.



All audio channels can be routed arbitrarily - in groups or individually. Non audio signals can be routed as well. All input signals are refreshed keeping the user bits unchanged at the output.


Embedder / De-Embedder Matrix

Serial data (MIDI, RS-232, RS-422/485) of the hardware interfaces or embedded in the MADI signal can be routed separately from the audio signal. 4 GPOs can be used for signalling events or integration within the studio environment.


Remote access

A network connection gives full access to all controls using a web browser interface. Simultaneous access with user management is possible from different places and there is no restriction to a specific operating system. Firmware updates can be run via ethernet or USB.



Each MADI port may have its own clock reference, extending the application of the M.1k2 in mixed clock environments.

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