D.O TEC ANDIAMO is a MADI AD/DA converter with 32 audio channels. Its well thought-out design ensures cutting-edge reliability in a compact package. Being integrated in one rack unit, the 32 audio channels can convert analogue to digital and digital to analogue at the same time.

Clear design

Status LEDs for all 32 channels show the respective signal status (signal present, over) on the device’s front, allowing for the control of all in/output channels at one glance.


Bank selection allows the selection of a MADI signal’s channels: 1 to 32 or 33 to 64. Two devices can be cascaded to allow the conversion of up to 64 audio channels.

Operating safety

With two phase redundant power supplies with connectors and switches on the device’s back, ANDIAMO guarantees the highest degree of operating safety.


Andiamo can be synchronised via Wordclock, MADI input or by internal clock. The system clock is present at the wordclock output at any time.

Efficient design. Compact dimensions. Uncompromising in sound. ANDIAMO!










D.O.TEC® ANDIAMO.XT is an AES/MADI AD/DA converter for 32 audio channels with superior sound quality. Based on the unique ANDIAMO a higher level of integration and flexibility is achieved now by adding digital inputs and outputs (AES3). 32 analog plus 32 digital I/Os in 2 HUs make efficient use of rackspace.

D.O.TEC® ANDIAMO.XT SRC is an AES/MADI AD/DA converter for 32 audio channels with superior sound quality. Based on the ANDIAMO.XT it is equipped additionally with sample rate converters at the AES inputs.

The SRCs are switchable in groups of eight channels and may help in situations where asynchronous signals demand for flexibility.


Quick overview

The front panel provides status LEDs for all channels for a quick check of signal status (signal present, over, sync state, src on/off) of all input and output channels. 

Parallel Conversion

A routing matrix enables audio conversion from any input port to any output port (e.g. analog MADI and MADI AES) at the same time.


Two units may be cascaded, extending the number of channels for conversion. Via Bank Selection the desired part of the MADI stream (ch 01-32 or ch 33-64) can be selected.


ANDIAMO.XT SRC can be clocked by wordclock, MADI input, AES input or internally. The system clock is provided at the wordclock output at any time. 

Safe operation

ANDIAMO.XT SRC offers highest reliability through two phase redundant power supplies with inlets and switches on the rear panel.

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