Broadcast Bionic’s Phonebox follows in the footsteps of classic telephone hybrids. It is also the perfect solution for reliable and extremely flexible telephone and codec management.

Whether it is used in single studios or complex systems with dozens of lines and multiple studios in different locations, Phonebox can be scaled precisely to your requirements. It is also the only system that communicates entirely via IP, allowing for full virtualization.

ISDN, analogue lines, SIP/VoIP and AoiP calls are supported.

With high-quality algorithms for cutting-edge speech quality and convenient integration of external hardware codecs, the user will not be able to tell whether the call or contribution runs via ISDN, VoIP, an integrated AoIP software codec, or even an external hardware codec. All services appear as one package and are controlled conveniently via the application.

Complex situations, such as conference calls and pre-talks, are made easy through an array of comprehensive functions. With drag & drop, calls are simply moved back and forth.

For conference calls, the function switches several callers onto the same device. Conversations can be ended individually or transferred to other devices.

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In a nutshell

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