Renowned creators of ultra-high specification audio/video equipment for professional broadcast and studio “in-line” applications, with over 35 years experience in design and manufacture of quality audio solutions.

Products include audio and audio/video in-rack monitors (up to 3G SDI) and audio synchronisation delays for lip-sync and time alignment.

From the company’s formation in 1975, BEL has specialised in serving the professional audio industry with high-quality innovative solutions.

Every BEL product is designed, manufactured and tested based on the knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years. This is an enviable position to be in, and one which demonstrates our continual commitment to all our clients to deliver both reliable and quality solutions every time.

Share in our success with confidence.

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In a nutshell

SLG Broadcast AG distributes and integrates systems for radio and TV applications.

As a non-independent system supplier, we integrate only systems of which we are the experts - and do not depend on the knowhow of a manufacturer.