Having entered the market of audio codec creation 30 years ago, this established French company has strong connections to Germany (as well as Switzerland). As the first manufacturer to believe in SIP for audio codecs and to support the IP compatibility between different manufacturers, they presented the Scoopy IP AoIP with SIP at the IBC 2005.

In those days, manufacturers relied exclusively on proprietary procedures to transmit audio via internet protocol. AETA - alongside AoIP - is the pioneer of broadcasts via Inmarsat (GAN/BGAN). They use special, asymmetric algorithms, such as TDAC/G.722 and the control functions integrated in SAT systems.

Hard- and software design is “Made by AETA”! Guarantees investment protection and quality control. Division of control system (Linux) and real time audio processing (DSP), resulting in:

  • Static and short loading times
  • Processes, such as the webserver, are independent from audio processing
  • Reliability during operations

The AETA audio codecs are the reliable solution for your applications, whether in a control room, for mobile applications, for broadcast vehicles (ISDN/AoIP/IP-SNG/Inmarsat GAN or BGAN) or even station feeds via V.11/X.21 or IP. With over 500 of our successful Scoopy/Scoopy+ sold in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, these “swiss knives” play their part successfully in shows every single day.

In a nutshell

SLG Broadcast AG distributes and integrates systems for radio and TV applications.

As a non-independent system supplier, we integrate only systems of which we are the experts - and do not depend on the knowhow of a manufacturer.